Brief Description of Organisation

A7ROOMS is an independent non-profit organisation, founded in 2010. Its activities are dedicated to promotion of different kind of art forms and organisation of cultural events. A7ROOMS residency is a residential program to widen the scope of our activities, to engage in international networking and more actively participate in art production.


Brief Description of Residency Program

A7ROOMS is situated in Banska Bystrica, central Slovakia. Its aim is to provide conditions and support for creative work of visual artists from around the world. We offer accommodation, atelier and exhibition space. We provide promotion and publicity, guidance through local art scene and at the end of the residency we organise the exhibition.


We do not provide any funding; all residency related expenses are to be paid by the artist. However, we offer consulting and guidance with finding possible funding resources for A7ROOMS residency program.


Artists live in a single room of an apartment with shared kitchen and bathroom. The apartment is located in a quiet location in a walking distance from the atelier and all the important spots in the town. We can also provide a bicycle.


The town itself is an important cultural, economic and historical nod in central Slovakia. It is home to Academy of Arts, Zahrada – independent art centre, regional gallery, music clubs and several independent cultural initiatives. Downtown is rather small but charming and with an easy bus connection artists can visit the picturesque neighbouring villages. Surrounding of the town is green and mountainous, perfect for summer as well as winter outdoor activities.


Duration of residencies:  1 – 3 months

Expenses paid by artist:  travel, housing, supplies, food

Number of artists resident at one time:  2

Companions allowed:  Partners (with additional fee), dogs (free), short-term visits (free)

Grants available:  none

Price for accommodation: 480 €/month

Price for atelier: 360 €/month



To book her or his residency stay, the artist needs to pay a deposit, which is 30% of the total arranged accommodation cost, by a bank transfer (and send us the receipt of the payment as confirmation). This deposit is not refundable and once the artist starts the residency s/he will only pay the rest of the total sum of the stay. The artist will receive an invoice. Renting the studio is optional, prices depend on the kind of working place the artist prefer and there is no deposit. This will be discussed in advance with every resident individually.


In case of breaking off the residency earlier than planned, the artist is obliged to pay the cancellation fee, which means to pay up to 50% of the total cost of the residency stay (both, accommodation and studio).


A7ROOMS bank account info:
IBAN: SK2583605207004204835358
Holder: Ján Kostolanský – A7ROOMS



By email: Attachment: CV, brief motivation letter and personal program, portfolio (pdf or link)


Selection procedure: By Curator


Presentation of artists work

Arranged on a case-by-case basis. Generally by public presentation/show, digital social media, local digital and printed media etc.


Description of residency/Setting

The accommodation is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood in a walking distance from the studio (10 – 15 minutes). It is a 3-bedroom, shared apartment. Each room is equipped with basic furniture – a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and small lamp. There is a reliable Wi-Fi connection in the whole apartment. Kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped. The apartment is on the 2nd floor without an elevator.



This will be discussed in advance with every resident individually.


How to reach

By train: From Bratislava (The Capital) from Hlavná stanica (The Main Train Station) in 3 hours

By bus: From Bratislava (The Capital) from Mlynské Nivy Bus Station in 2 hours

By car: From Bratislava (The Capital) by highway in 2 hours

By plane: To Bratislava Airport



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